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A young biotech company successfully raises seed capital or is awarded its first grant, but the high cost to equip a lab makes it hard to afford talented scientists.



Buy or lease used equipment for a small fraction of the cost!

  • Pipettors
  • thermocyclers
  • biosafety cabinets
  • incubators
  • stirrers
  • spectrophotometers
  • centrifuges
  • microscopes
  • pH meters
  • pumps
  • glassware
  • electrophoresis supplies
  • chromatography supplies
  • and much more


Services We Offer


Instant Lab
Hit the ground running! Let us furnish an entire biology laboratory for you. Options are available for purchase or lease.
Consulting and more
We offer a variety of consulting services including IT services and a variety of specialty biology services. Our scientists have a wide variety of expertise including in-depth knowledge of microscopy, animal physiology, microbiology, protein production/modification and cell-based assays. Our Ph.D. biologists can tackle side projects so you can keep your team focused on the task at hand.
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Coming soon: DIY Biospace
Have an idea to test before you take the plunge and start your own company? Rent a fully furnished biology lab by the hour. This option is designed to be a very affordable, short-term solution to basic lab needs. A variety of financing options and alternatives are available. This project is still in development, so we welcome your input.